Meet Ryan Edward Collins

I often get asked why I want to serve in the position of St. Lucie County Commissioner for District 1

 Simply put, I want to provide District 1 and all residents of St. Lucie County with a commissioner who truly represents them. More than ever, we need representation that results in the citizens and businesses of the county benefiting the most.  I believe my ability to bring a new approach, different perspectives, and renewed goals would bring that result for the people of our county. With my family’s history and my experience, I have a resolve to be a true representative for citizens of St. Lucie County.



Republican Candidate for St. Lucie County Commissioner- District 1

Lifelong resident of St. Lucie County

Married high school sweetheart, Courtney and have 2 children

36 years old

In my free time, I like spending being with family and friends while enjoying St. Lucie’s beautiful nature.

Hobbies: Fishing, Boating, Sporting, Home remodeling


Graduated from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland with a degree in Hospitality Management

Attended John Carroll High School in Fort Pierce

Hold licenses including Florida Real Estate Sales Associate, Florida General Lines Property and Casualty, Florida Independent Adjuster, Florida Limited Surety Agent


Professional career includes experience owning and working in small businesses including the areas of insurance, construction, and real estate.

Currently work as a real estate agent with Reef to Ranch Real Estate as well as an independent insurance adjuster.

I have been involved in various service organizations and civic boards/ committees including having served as a Past President for The Rotary Club of Port St. Lucie.

Frequent questions

What is the most important issue in the election and what is your position on that issue?

After speaking with longtime, new, and potential residents of our county, I have most consistently listened to concerns about the high level of taxes and government spending. Therefore, I say the most important issue in the election is the need to lower taxes. St. Lucie currently has the highest aggregate property tax rate out of all 67 counties in the state of Florida. In addition, we have seen voters recently approve two tax increase measures that fund items that should be priorities and properly budgeted without raising taxes. Voters should not carry the burden to raise their taxes to have these essentials managed correctly.  As commissioner, I will work to lower our current tax and millage rates by identifying and eliminating non-essential spending, increasing tax roll revenues, and finding solutions to the county’s most costly challenges.

How would you reduce county services if the millage rate were to be cut?

I don’t believe a reduction of county services would be needed to cut the millage rate. We have seen property value increases for seven straight years, which has produced additional tax revenue for the county and municipalities. When the amount of actual revenue collected is higher than what was budgeted, the difference should return to the taxpayers in the form of tax cuts. Also, the City of Port St. Lucie has been able to reduce taxes for four straight years without a noticeable reduction in services.

What is your background?

My background includes being a nearly lifelong resident of St. Lucie County, being involved in community organizations and events, earning a college degree and four state licenses, as well as owning and operating a small business. My wife Courtney and I are high school sweethearts, and we are blessed to have two children. In my professional career, I have had success working in various industries including real estate, construction, and insurance.

Why do you think you’d be a better commissioner than the incumbent?

I believe my ability to bring a new approach, different perspectives, and renewed goals would result in the people of St. Lucie County having a better commissioner. Our county needs a focused approach to reduce taxes and end wasteful spending. In order to accomplish that, our elected officials must have the people and businesses of this county’s best interest as a priority. Because of my family’s history and my experience in St. Lucie County, I have a resolve to be a true representative for citizens of St. Lucie County which will make me a better commissioner than the incumbent.